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We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable, honest and reputable Dog Training Businesses in Birmingham. We are by far the most mentioned company within all local groups on Facebook whenever people are looking for Dog Training. We offer Balanced and Relationship-based Dog Training. Our training techniques focus on building a relationship of trust and respect between you and your dog, reinforcing desirable behaviour and helping you to understand your dog’s body language so that, as a team, you can become more effective communicators.

We are brilliant with dogs yet rather than take your dog and train them for you, our services are more tailored to teaching the humans behind the lead as well as those in direct contact with your dogs the most. We aim to give YOU the tools, techniques and knowledge to train your own dog to make the outcome of training more positive, long-lasting and beneficial. We will always put your and your dog’s needs before ours. We individually tailor all of our services to you. Many of our customers have already spent hundreds, if not thousands, on training services elsewhere. They continue to tell us how different their dog is within our first meeting.

We ensure expectations are set right at the start, which includes our style of teaching and communicating with customers and Dogs. Being open, honest and direct suits the majority of our customers. We don’t mince our words or sugar coat anything. This may not suit everyone, so it’s important to shop around before settling on any Dog Trainer.

We hear many great things about:
  • Pawfect Dog sense – Positive Only, Rewards Based Behaviourists and Obedience instructors (
  • Clarity K9 – Balanced Behaviourist and Obedience instructor
  • We offer:
  • A 45 minute introductory training & advice session for just £25
  • Social Walks (Weekly)
  • Puppy Training
  • One to One Dog training
  • Group Courses
  • Reactive Dog Training
  • Socialisation Sessions
  • Full Behaviour Evaluations
  • Some of the things that set us apart from others in the unregulated industry of Dog Services are the high standards of service we set for ourselves; the extensive training our team have and continue to receive, and the numerous processes and procedures that are in place to keep our Staff and your Dogs safe during their time with us.

It’s common for our industry to hire a “self-employed” team. All our staff are employed by the business, meaning they are fully insured under our comprehensive insurance policies.

We want our staff to feel secure, safe and well looked after. Having access to employment rights, wages, holidays, pension etc goes a long way to keeping them physically and mentally happy. We strongly believe this flows through to the dogs in our care too!

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