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We have found that the vast majority of our training customers can utilise these walks as a cheaper alternative to one-to-one training once we’ve taught them the basics. They are an awesome way to build on practical skills as well as confidence building for owners too.

Many customers are nervous even enquiring about these walks, let alone attending them. Rest assured, we take things at your and your dogs’ pace. This may mean having to hang back at a greater distance initially. However, the vast majority of dogs and owners can close this distance with enough practice and help.

Some people use these walks to socialise with their dogs or even themselves. Sometimes it’s more reassuring to walk together with other dog owners than on your own. We have a great community of non-judgemental customers and staff who are all in similar boats. Rest assured, you will be met with support and kindness.

We hold these walks once per week, so please drop us a message on Facebook or via text to arrange a call to discuss your needs.

We are proud that our staff volunteer their time freely to conduct these walks. Any money raised from these walks is used towards our vulnerable customer discounts programme. This is where we walk, train or even groom dogs for a massively reduced rate as a way of giving back to the more vulnerable members of our community.

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